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Bible Study

Join Pastor Bob this Tuesday at 9:30 for a Bible Study on the Parables.

Human Sexuality Policies and the Methodist Church

On February 17th, I offered a follow-up gathering to further discuss Human Sexuality and The United Methodist Church. We reviewed what I shared in October regarding A Way Forward. Slides from that first gathering are still available here. The primary focus for this second gathering was to take a look at what Holy Scriptures say about homosexual practice and to talk a bit about our way forward based on what comes from the Special Session of General Conference. Annotated slides from this gathering are available here.

As your spiritual leader and the elder responsible for the ordering of God's church in Moultonborough, I implore you to study the slides from this gathering, to be in prayer with the heart and mind of Christ, and to stay in conversation and unity as the body of Christ. I see the potential for great growth in the body, as we show the world how we can be led by the Spirit and love as Jesus loved.

I offered another follow-up gathering after a post-General Conference session of local UMC clergy on March 16th in Lebanon, NH.

Pastor Bob

Shopping Cards For Missions

Shopping Cards for Missions  As of this writing, $131.30 was raised for Dr. and Mrs. Zimmerman in Nepal for the month of June.   With your help and the return of our Summer members and friends, we almost tripled the face value of sales during the months of April, May and June as compared to January, February and March.   The first quarter generated $4,465 and the second $12,400.  That is a dramatic increase.  Thank you.   Avoid the Summer traffic jams – think local.  Both Hannaford’s (5%) – grocery and pharmacy - and E. M. Heath’s (10%) – grocery, hardware and Jo Jo’s - shopping cards are in stock available in $25/ $50/ $100.  The purchase of a single $50 card for quick trips for milk, bread, eggs, fruit, or dinner items for company, etc. will add $2.50 or $5.00 profit for missions.     Too hot to cook?  In stock $25 Subway (3%) or The Common Man (10%) cards offer nutritious meal options throughout the state.  Or find a coupon for dinner or lunch for your favorite restaurant (Tilton or Concord) with the purchase of a matching shopping card.  Available on a first come –first choice basis.   $10 or $50 Dunkin’ Donuts (3%) shopping cards can supply your favorite Summer beverage or snack, breakfast for company, and for a day trip or vacation traveling.  Don’t forget the donut holes  for a fellowship hour at church!
 All proceeds from shopping cards sales support  Dr. and Mrs. Zimmerman in their ministries in Nepal.  In 2019, we will again strive to earn $3,000 for spreading the love and grace of Jesus Christ to the people of Nepal.  We hope to increase the amount of money that MUMC Outreach receives through this program.

  Please make an effort to actively support the Shopping Card Program in 2019 with your purchase of cards for your regular shopping needs (grocery, home improvement, on-line, department store, and restaurants, to name a few).    Your support of this ministry through prayers throughout the year is always appreciated.  Donations to the Zimmerman Ministries are also accepted. Please talk to Sue Scudder for donation information.

The July Bell Ringer is here

The latest Moultonboro United Methodist Church newsletter, The Bell Ringer,  is available for download.  Get your full color digital copy of the July Bell Ringer here.  Past issues of the Bell Ringer are also available.  Get on our emailing list to receive your own copy of the Bell Ringer each month by sending your request here.

Making disciples

Making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world.
Over the past few weeks we have learned about discipleship and how each of us is called to “Offer Them Christ”. As we grow as disciples, we offer our time, our talents, our prayers, our witness, and our gifts to God. When the church receives pledges of future financial gifts, it allows us to determine the extent to which we can continue, and hopefully expand, the ministries and missions of the church. Please prayerfully consider making a commitment to the blessing of growing as a disciple of Christ, and to the financial support of God’s mission for the church.

Mother's Day & Father's Day Poems

On Mother's Day Pastor Bob read the "God Our Mother Poem" by Allison Woodard. Because several people have asked for it, we now have it available for reading or downloading here.

On Father's Day he read "The Greatest Father" by Margaret Brennan. That is available here for reading of downloading.

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Keep up with the daily events and happenings at the Moultonboro UMC for today, tomorrow or next week.  Get the most up to date listing from our 'Calendar of Events' found here.

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