Moultonboro UMC

Online Directory

Online Directory

Upon opening the Online Directory you will be greeted with a Login Window since it is Password Protected.

Type in the password that was sent to you earlier in an Invitational Email. If you need the password resent, please send a request message to

List View

Once in the Online Directory you have the choice of searching for either a Family or Individual. A Family search is the default search method but if you are not finding the person for whom you are looking, try searching for the Individual. Partial name searches work and will find both first and last names. Partial name searches are best if you do not know the exact spelling of a name.

Whether you are looking for Families or Individuals, the Online Directory can be viewed as either a List or as a Photo Gallery (see below). The List view, is the default and is best for mobile phone searches.

Photo Gallery View

The Photo Gallery view is great for searching the faces of church members of whom you might not know by name. At this time not all Families and Individuals have photos in our database. Many of the photos are outdated due to have been taken from old printed church directories. If you would like to update your photo or have us update it, please send a request message to If your photo or someone in your family’s photo is missing and you would like to have it added, likewise please send a request message. Photos from facebook pages can be easily added with your permission.

Detail View

Clicking or tapping on a selected name brings up the Detail view which shows the Family name and the names of the Family members. Mailing and/or physical addresses are shown in the Detail view along with phone numbers,email addresses and Member Status. By selecting an Individual in the family additional information is provided.

If you find any information incorrect or missing, please contact us. If you are interested in updating and editing your own information and photo as well as having the capability to view your giving history, please look into signing up for the Member Portal below.

Open the Online Membership Directory here.


Easy Access

To make accessing the Online Directory easier with your mobile phone, you can create a Home Screen icon that will take you directly there with out the need of going through our website. It is similar to having your own personal app to keep connected to your church family.


Member Portal

In this area you can view and edit your Family or Individual Profiles, even upload photos that can be seen in the Online Membership Directory. The Portal also lets you view your financial Giving History by week, quarter, month or year. This is a Password protected area that uses your own personal password (not the same as the Online Membership Directory password). For more information on the Member Portal go here.