Moultonboro UMC

Shopping Cards

The Shopping Card Program at MUMC has something for everyone!  This year-round fundraising program makes fundraising easy: families DO NOT need to make door-to-door sales, make unnecessary purchases, or even better yet NO added expense to the family budget.   We have gift giving cards appropriate for birthdays, baby and bridal showers, weddings, retirements, graduations, and holidays throughout the year.  In addition, you can use shopping cards, same as cash, for everyday budget purchases.  We keep some of the more popular cards in stock.   These include E. M. Heath, Inc., Hannaford’s, Amazon, Lowe’s, Walmart, Dunkin’ Donuts, Kohl’s, Staples, and restaurant cards like Applebee’s, Ninety Nine, or Olive Garden.  Shopping cards can be spent all in one purchase or used as a debit card until no balance remains. The Missions and Outreach programs earn income on each card that is purchased and the buyer still receives 100% value of the card.  We can order any card that is not in stock and it will arrive in just 5-7 days.

How does the program work?  MUMC purchases cards at a discount and sells them at face value.  The difference between face value and the discounted card’s cost becomes the proceeds for the Missons and  Outreach programs of MUMC.   The first $3,000 will go to the ministry of Dr. Mark and Deirdre Zimmerman in Nepal; additional funds to MUMC Outreach.  We currently buy shopping cards from four sources:  Hannaford’s (grocery & pharmacy), E.M. Heath Inc. (grocery & hardware), The Common Man (all venues) and UnitedScrip.  UnitedScrip is a national organization that buys and sells gift/shopping cards at a discount only to non-profit organizations.  UnitedScrip has over 400 gift/shopping cards from a large variety of nationwide retailers.  The complete list can be viewed on-line at  We order on Sundays and receive most cards the same week.  All orders must be prepaid.  The Shopping card team is willing and able to help with your orders on Sundays– after both church services, and Diana Johnson can help during church office hours Tuesday through Friday from 8:30 AM to 12:30 PM.

Most people order and pay for cards on Sunday and pick them up at the church the following Sunday; alternatively, we will send orders to you if you provide a self-addressed stamped envelope ($1 for up to 6 cards).  Order forms are available at church or you can download one here: Order forms.  If your desired purchases are not listed on the order form, add the names of the retailers on page 2 of the order form in the blank spaces in column D.

Can I order directly on-line?  Yes, It is possible to order directly on-line, but there are additional charges to the customer.  Please talk to Sue Scudder for more information.

Thank you for your support,
The Shopping Card Team – Pamela Abbott, Mary Jo Bailey, Diana Johnson, Betsy Merkle, and Sue Scudder.

Tips for Using Shopping Cards
  • Use cards to help maintain your budget for gift giving.
  • Protect the magnetic strip on your cards by wrapping the most recent receipt around the card.  It will also show the remaining balance on the card.
  • Avoid magnets and magnetic purse clasps – they can erase the balance on your card.
  • If your card comes with a paper activation slip, keep it with your card until it is used for the first time.
  • Kohl’s Cares Cards and E.M. Heath Inc. can be used to pay bills in person.  Few other shopping cards have this option.
  • Offer empty cards to the retailers so they have the option to reuse the cards.
  • Help protect your identity by using shopping cards for on-line orders or at the gas pump.
  • Planning a vacation trip?  Order cards before your trip so you will not need to carry excess cash.
  • Check for specials at the gift card table on Sunday. These special offers increase profit for the Missions and Outreach programs.
Here are examples of some of the cards that we can order. Remember, you will always receive 100% value of the cards.
Retailer Denominations Available Percent Profit to Missions
Chili’s $10 / $25 @10.00%
iTunes $10 / $25 @5.00%
Barnes & Noble Bookstores $5 / $10 / $25 @8.00%
Gap Tri-Card $25 / $100 @14.00%
Macy’s $25 / $100 @10.00%
Uno Chicago Grill $25 / $50 @12.50%
L.L. Bean $25 / $100 @13.00%
Bath & Body Works $10 / $25 @13.00% $25 @8.00%
T.J. Maxx $25 / $100 @7.00%
Cabela’s $25 / $50 @9.00%