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Pilgrimage to Resurrection

And so, we’ve entered the season of Lent and our “Pilgrimage to Resurrection” (as we’re calling it).  We’ve agreed to go on a quest — to understand more, to experience more … more of the living Christ and the way to fulness of life.  And though I hope the journey is joyous, it ought also to be rather humbling and even disconcerting … since Jesus indeed was killed by the jealousy (sinfulness) of men (surely not simply to appease an angry God!).  Resurrection of this truth and the way of divine life – Christ in us – is my hopeful expectation for our quest.

Ah, new understandings!  There are definitely a lot of misconceptions and even deliberate misleading out there about the way, eternal life, and resurrection.  Still today, there is jealousy, control, pride, and anger.  Some is the result of intentional control and some is just innocent.
I’m reminded of the pastor who was asking a group of children about resurrection.  “Does anyone know what resurrection is?” he asked.  After a moment of silence, one child spoke up saying, “I heard that if you have one that lasts more than four hours, you’re supposed to call a doctor!”
Yes, I do think that is rather humorous.  (I apologize if it made you uncomfortable.  I certainly am not making fun of resurrection.)  I’m trying to make the point that many of us really don’t understand Jesus’ or Paul’s teachings on resurrection.  And, a little humor is necessary when digging into such a deep subject…
Well, I hope laughter will accompany our serious pilgrimage.  Below, I’ve included my notes for our pilgrimage through to Resurrection Sunday / Easter.  I hope you’ll really enter into the topics each week that they might lead you to a new or renewed sense of resurrection.
Feb 26  Ash Wednesday
Intro to the Journey to Resurrection
Awe of life’s origin from the ashes
Anointing for the journey … that can be joyful Resurrection of Christ … especially in us.
Mar 1   First Sunday
Genesis 1; John 1
The Way … there has always been a way of full human being
An inspiration across the whole world of the 5th century BCE
There really is one way, one true God of all!
And the way became flesh…
Mar 8  Second Sunday
John 17:3
The Way — Eternal life …
the way of human living
Life grounded in the eternals
Born of both water and the Spirit,
born also from above
Mar 15  Third Sunday
Mark 1:35
Living the Eternals – Practice of the Presence
To avoid injustice, to practice peace
Discipline in the Means of Grace and other practices
Mar 22  Fourth Sunday
Ezekiel 37:1-14; Psalm 51
The Way Lost – misunderstood,
ignored, violated
Happened in all cultures across history
Mar 29 Fifth Sunday
1 Corinthians 15
The Coming of Jesus …
to bring resurrection of the way
Ministry of compassion, healing,
forgiveness, relationships
Paul’s definition of resurrection
Apr 5 Palm-Passion Sunday
Mark 12; John 11:25-26
Jesus was not as expected
The resurrection and the life
Apr 9   Maundy Thursday-Holy Friday
Mark 15:39
Love crucified, but not destroyed
Fellowship meal, Breaking bread together
Apr 12 Resurrection Sunday
Luke 24
Our pilgrimage rest
Met, experienced on the road to Emmaus
We’re also discussing this on Tuesday mornings at 9:30.  I hope you’ll join us.
Finally, I mentioned a few ideas of activities that might accompany us on our pilgrimage.
1. I mentioned a van ride over to Weston Priory in Ludlow, Vermont.  I’ll send around a sign-up sheet to see who is interested.
 2. I am pressing our Leadership Council to be deliberate in trying to open the door to Easter for our Moultonborough Learning Center children and parents.  I’ve mentioned one idea of teaching the children how to play the handbells and inviting them to play during Easter worship.  We also need some flyers to hand out as invitations.  Yet, I haven’t had anyone step up to lead this type of effort.  Might God be calling you?!
3. One group has taken on an outreach to the community, specifically to town employees, to offer thanks for their service and to invite them to Easter worship.  Are there other ideas that you have for connecting Christ to our community?
Oh, and one more thing:  the Worship Committee thought we might attract more people to Easter Sunrise Service by hosting it by the pond next door to the church (rather than down on Moultonborough Beach) this year.  Are you willing to help with this service?  I’d like to have a bonfire burning to gather around, to have some singing, and to share in Holy Communion.  I hope you’ll then join for breakfast to follow, which could also use some extra hands to prepare.  Please let me know if you can help!!
Peace & Joy
Pastor Bob