Moultonborough Learning Center will soon be part of the MUMC family!

As most of you are aware, Bridget Manning, who owns and operates the daycare down the hill from Meadow Pond Animal Hospital, was faced with either finding new rental space or going out of business. The MUMC body voted overwhelming support to renting our annex building and some space in the church basement to help keep this vital community service remain open. The plan is that Bridget will move in starting mid-October and be open for business the first week of November.

Itʼs amazing what can happen when people feel the call to do something good … though it might be quite demanding and seemingly impossible! I call it the true Spirit of Christ at work!!

Several people of the church have been working hard to get a plethora of issues taken care of. Scott Lamprey of Lamprey Septic and Drain Services has gone out of his way to offer help until the new septic system is fully operational. Town leadership has been extremely supportive and helpful in what we do and do not have to do to meet municipal ordinances.

Itʼs been a true team effort! For me, itʼs been a perfect example of God at work! The Spirit is definitely alive!! 

We are still working on some of the logistics and facilities details. We want AA to still have a place to meet and have been in conversation with the group facilitators. Our Sunday school teachers are coordinating with the Bridget to agree on how the rooms in church basement will be set up for co- use. More information will be coming out about such things as the use of bathrooms during the week and bus drop-offs.

Letʼs continue the positive efforts to work together to make this a vital church ministry. Yes, we must and will continue to use good business practices in this venture. Yet, by being bathed also in grace, it will surely be even more than a business venture … it will be another revelation of the kingdom of God here on earth right here in the heart of the Lakes Region.

Plans are coming together for a cleanup and beautification day and for a welcoming barbecue. I hope youʼll stay tuned and continue to offer your support and loving hearts.

Peace & Joy Pastor Bob

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