1839 Methodists hold prayer meetings. Then services at the Town House
with the Rev. J. S.. Loveland.
1840 Formal Organization
1843 Built a small church where Maurice’s Restaurant now stands.
1849 Bought the Congregational Church, which had been built next to
the Town House, moved to present location.
1905 Memorial stained glass windows installed.
1926 Parsonage, Church, and Horse Shed shingled; hardwood floors
installed in the sanctuary and vestibule; 14 new pews installed.
1952 Major repairs to the vestry, kitchen, and outside of the
1954 Bean suppers started.
1958 Vestry extended, new heating and flush toilets installed.

1985 Sanctuary enlarged over the back part of vestry and new 3 story
wing added on the right side of church.
1988 A new electronic organ installed.
1990 Reached out in Mission to help support Dr. Mark Zimmerman in
Nepal. Went to two services.
1992 The church purchased 1.37 acres of land in back of Artie’s for
additional parking.
1993 Decision made to build a new parsonage on Blake Road property.
1995 Church voted to purchase the adjacent Holden property for
expansion. It was made possible through a generous bequest from
Harold Mohr’s Estate.
1996 Sold old parsonage. Burned mortgage from building new
1997 Expansion of Sanctuary and major renovations of the Fellowship
Hall, etc.
1999 Changed from a pastor oriented church to a program oriented
2002 A Shepherd’s Crook with the names of all clergy who have served
MUMC was presented to the new pastor and will be passed on to each
succeeding pastor.

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