Moultonboro UMC

Adult Programs

Covenant Disciple Groups

What?   4 – 8 people committed to holding each other accountable to agreed upon Covenants
Who?    Anyone, not just Emmaus Pilgrims, who desires a covenant relationship with other Christians looking for a deeper journey
Why?    To deepen one’s spiritual walk with the Lord
When?   Weekly one hour meeting
Covenant Disciples meet as a group to brainstorm covenants in four areas: worship, devotion, justice, and compassion.  It takes 2 – 4 weeks of brainstorming to get all ideas on the table and then par down to two covenants in each of the four areas. Group members also create an opening and closing prayer. Wordsmithing and editing may take some time. 
At weekly meetings, members begin by reciting the opening prayer together, and then going around the table to listen to each member talk about how they have met the covenant or not, and if not, what they could do to improve. It is usually impossible to go through all covenants each week. One way to ensure that all covenants are being discussed over several weeks is to do a random selection of covenants each week (such as typing up covenants on individual slips and pulling random slips each week). 
As with any small group, it takes time to build acceptance, trust and compassion within the group. The first few sessions feel a little stilted as it feels like a checking in BUT as the group gels and the members get to know each other, the trust builds and participants are more willing to share honestly and openly. Participants may also find that as time goes on, the covenants need to change as the needs of the group change. And, as small groups go, some weeks an individual participants’ needs or concerns with a particular covenant may drive the majority of the time. 
Resources: Accountable Discipleship, Living In God’s Household by Steven W. Makskar, Guide for Covenant Discipleship Groups by Gayle Turner Watson, and Covenant Discipleship, Christian Formation Through Mutual Accountability by David Lowes Watson.
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Bean Suppers

Bean Suppers 1st Saturday of the month!

Settings at 5:00 & 5:45pm $ 8.00 (children much less !~!)
Located at Union Hall on Rt. #25 Next to the South Tamworth Post Office.
Speed Limit 35 mph or you’ll miss us!

Baked Beans (kidney and pea), Hot dogs, potato salad, coleslaw, jellied salads, brown bread, rolls, more salads, beverages etc. and then there is the reason we save our forks for last!! No less than eight different desserts to choose from…umm, umm, – home baked! Get there early…. hmm, wonder why?

Walk to Emmaus

Remember your Walk…… remember the cross you were given? Remember the words on that cross…..”Christ is counting on you” !

For many of us it’s been a long time since we have been in our Reunion Group meeting. Yet others meet regularly but staying in touch is vital not only for ourselves but for the church and for God!

So here’s the reminder; first Tuesday each month – 11:30AM – 12:30PM Reunion Group meets at MUMC.  Bring your 3 folded service card if you have it. Bring lunch if you want as well. Just please remember, “Christ is counting on you” !

“A walk with the Lord you’ll not forget” Luke 24:13-35

The Reunion group meets: at church on the first Tuesday of the month at 11:30 AM.

Reunion group gatherings are intended to help us not only keep connected but to be accountable to each other. This time together allows us to share how God has been working in our lives and opportunity to share those Holy Spirit moments. Join us at either location or both if your time permits!



MUMC Card Ministry

The Card Ministry strives to stay in touch with parishioners who are unable to be with us on a regular basis. The committee sends a friendly card or note on an ongoing basis, to those who are ill, homebound, residing in care facilities, serving in the military or just in need of comfort or encouragement. Anyone wishing to donate cards or first class stamps to this may leave them at the Church office. Scripture, Thinking of You, Get Well, Sympathy, Easter, Thanksgiving and Christmas cards are greatly appreciated.

Thank you,
Card Ministry

Monthly Events:

Bible Study: Tuesday 9:30 AM and Wednesday 6:30PM
Emmaus Meetings: 1st Tuesday each month – 11:30 AM Reunion Group meets at MUMC
Prayer Shawl: 1st and 4th Thursdays at Noon
Moultonboro Men’s Breakfast: Lions Club 3rd Friday at 7:00 AM ($7) Speakers.