Thanks for reaching out to us. I think we’ve had a great relationship with MUMC going back about 25 years, when I first visited the church as a single guy. We’ve visited the church on the lake about 6 or 7 times over the years, watched the folks age (as we did and added two kids), but even in off season we’ve had great turn outs for our presentations. On top of which, the last couple of times, someone with a house on the Lake has hosted us for an extra day of R+R. Our work has changed somewhat over the years, even as we’ve remained residents of Kathmandu. I went from practicing doctor to hospital administrator and then twelve years ago got the chance to help found an organization that supports hospitals in very remote areas of the country. In the summer of 2016, I returned to working at my original hospital, Patan Hospital, which I’ve been really enjoying. There is now a medical school, so in addition to patient care, I’m teaching students.

Deirdre has maintained a steady presence in a community nutrition program, but that has gone up and down, based on how much home/child care she had to do. She’s now also come to Patan Hospital for part of her work.
  Patan is a 600-bed hospital and doesn’t have a dietetics department, so she is methodically setting one up. She really likes working with patients. Our two boys, Zachary and Benjamin attend a mission school in Kathmandu and their studies have picked up as they’re now in 11th and 9th grades. Zach has two more years before he attends college, so that is on the horizon. We’re now in Ireland, Deirdre’s home country, for Christmas. We wish you all a joyful celebration of our Lord, and picture the glorious scene with everything hung in white. That’s one season during which I don’t think we’ve ever seen MUMC. Blessings from us all,

Mark and Co.
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