Moultonborough and South Tamworth

“A ministry that approaches brokenness in ones life with Christian care
and compassion to help find strength and wholeness in life once again.”

Often, this time of year brings out the emotions in many of us and especially in those of us who have had pain, sorrow, difficulties, and loss of loved ones. Stephen Ministers of our church are equipped and prepared to provide that spiritual and compassionate care when needed. If you or someone you know could use some one-on-one “care-sharing”, please feel free to contact: Pastor Bob (476-5152), Pastor Murray (651-8922), Nancy Hanson (279-7860), or Rae Marie Davis (253-7862).

All inquiries are kept confidential and we do our best to be alert and attentive to one’s needs.

Grace and peace of the Lord Jesus Christ,
Your Stephen Ministry Team

What is Stephen Ministry?

Our congregation’s Stephen Ministry equips lay people to provide confidential, one-to-one Christian care to individuals in our congregation and community who are experiencing difficulties in their lives.

A reminder about the banner that hangs on the right, side wall of the church sanctuary:

The Meaning of the Stephen Series Logo

The Logo’s most dominant feature is the cross of Jesus. It reminds us that Christ is at the center of Stephen Ministry and all Stephen Ministry relationships. The broken person behind the cross symbolizes how we are all broken people,broken by our own sin and imperfections.

The whole person in front of the cross signifies wholeness we encounter through the transforming power of the cross of Jesus. It is only through Jesus and his life, death on the
cross and resurrection that we, who are broken people are made whole.The circle is a symbol of God’s eternal and never ending love for us. God’s love surrounds us, holds us, heals us, with the cross of Jesus at the center of that love. For it was Jesus, God’s Son, who allowed himself to be broken on the cross to save us from our sin sin and give us the opportunity to be restored to wholeness through him.

The Stephen Series logo tells the story of a care receiver’s journey from brokenness to wholeness through the transforming power of the cross of Jesus. It serves as a simple reminder that it is not the Stephen Minister who restores a person to wholeness. Rather, it is only through the cross of Jesus that a person can be made whole.

Should you or someone you know like to talk about Stephen Ministry and its mission of caregiving, you might speak to any of our Stephen Ministers,Rae Marie Davis or Murray Nickerson.
Stephen Ministry a caring ministry
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