Transitions are never easy, even joyous ones. Think about your first year of marriage, bringing your first baby home, the first months of retirement. People react differently to change. Some embrace it, others go
through it kicking and screaming.

MUMC is going through a transition from one pastor to another. There a variety of reactions and responses. I offer two words of advice for making this transition a positive one: be kind. Be kind to one another, even if you disagree. Be kind to church leaders. Be kind to your current pastor. Be kind to your new pastor. I said in my very first sermon that grace can be defined as "undeserved kindness." By offering kindness, you are offering grace.

I will continue to be in prayer for this transition and encourage you to do the same.

Pastor's Weekly Greeting - Monday June 5, 2017

Well folks, this is it! The final “Greetings” email! I’m writing early in the week because there is a lot going on.
Tuesday is the final “Office Hours” at the Village Kitchen! We’ll gather at 9:00 as usual. I’d love to see a crowd!
The Finance Meeting originally scheduled for Tuesday evening has been cancelled.

Administrative Board Meets Wednesday at 7:00.
Trustees meet Thursday at 7:00.
Sunday is my last day in the pulpit. There is one service at 9:00. A reception will follow the service.
We have several prayer concerns. Ron Parsons was transferred to Catholic Medical Center in Manchester yesterday. Josh Bartlett remains at LRGH but it looks like he’ll be going to rehab for a few days before going home. Bob Adams still needs prayer as does Jean Heckman.
We have guest preachers for the next two Sundays. Jake Jameson is preaching on June 18 and Sandra Ringlestein is preaching on June 25. I thank them both for agreeing to step up so I can focus on moving and making a good transition.
So…the final sermon. It’s not written yet, but here’s where my heart is leading. We come into any situation with expectations. Sometimes the experience exceeds our expectations, sometimes we are disappointed, and still others don’t turn out anywhere close to what we expected. And that’s okay. God offers us experiences, brings people into our lives, calls us to new adventures all for a season. There is something we need to learn, a way we need to grow, and God gives us that chance. Once the season is over, we move on. It can feel unsettling but it doesn’t need to. What we need to focus on is the promise that God is in the midst of it all. And that’s all we need to know. We may not know the reason, but we move forward in trust. That’s what’s happening to us in this transition. Just trust that God is leading us and it will be okay.
Peace and grace,
Pastor Sharon
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