And I saw the holy city, the new Jerusalem, coming down out of heaven from God, prepared as a bride adorned for her husband.  Revelation 21:2

Linda and I were down in Maryland this past week for our daughter, Kathryn’s, wedding.  It’s so wonderful, and yet a bit tough, to see your kids all grown up and stepping out into a new chapter in their lives.  It calls for some letting go, which isn’t always easy.  Our second son (with tears in his eyes) said it quite well, “I was thankful to be my little sister’s defender back in elementary school when some kids were picking on her.  I’ve always felt it’s my job to be her protective big brother.  It’s hard now to turn that job over … really hard.”  Jordy is a great guy and will be a great husband … but it’s still tough…I shared that what I’ve wanted most for my children is happiness and love.  Kathryn looked absolutely beautiful.  Yes, it was the gown, the way her hair was braided, and the rouge on her cheeks.  Yet mostly, it was her smile and her glow.  She was truly happy … she’d found love and was wonderfully adorned in that love and happiness for her husband.  I couldn’t hold back the tears of joy.  Thanks be to God!  …But it was still tough to let her go…Scripture tells us that “God is love.”  The love that has brought Kathryn and Jordy together is of God.  

That same love is to be available for all people.  And when it is received and shared without strings attached, when it comes down from heaven to earth, there you find the holy city, the new Jerusalem … what Jesus called “the kingdom of God.”  In that, there can be happiness for all persons.  We must give thanks for every instance of God’s-love-come-down-from-heaven.  Up here in the rather isolated mountains and lakes region of New Hampshire, most of us are blessed to experience this love and happiness often.  Yet, we know that there are many people whom this experience is foreign.  Many live in the dangers of the city and struggle just to put food on the table.  Many live in constant fear of hatred, of bigotry, and of racism.  Some have never really known the love that is God.  Still others just find themselves in the middle, looking to both sides to simply share some love for the happiness of the other. I give thanks that each of our three kids has found love and happiness.  I invite you to join me in prayer that all people in this wonderful country of ours will also be touched by the love of God … and that peace and happiness will be their experience too.  Yes, it can be tough; it can mean giving up a little bit of control … a little bit of one’s self.  …But oh, the joy it brings!! Let us pray that all people across our country will share this abundant love, especially with those who are different than them --- that God’s kingdom will come like a bride adorned for her husband.

Peace be with all,
Pastor Bob

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