Wow, it’s already September! I hope your summer’s been good. And don’t fret, there’s still more wonderful New Hampshire to enjoy!

I sure hope you’ve been enjoying our review of what it means (or at least meant) to be a Methodist. I hope you see that our Methodist tradition really does stress the call to simple Christianity – divine life in Christ through the love of God and others. If you missed any of my messages, remember that you can listen to them on the church website: under “Our Pastor” and “Sermon Archive.”

Now, a few things you should know about and hopefully will read about elsewhere. First, your church needs you! Remember that picture of Uncle Sam saying the same about your country? Well, it’s true --- your church … and I … and of course God … needs you! It takes everyone to make the puzzle complete. Your worship of God calls upon you: be a greeter, an usher, a liturgist, in the choir, on the altar guild. The future of your church calls upon you: volunteer to a leadership position. There is a need for a 2019 council chairperson, a finance chairperson, and an SPRC chairperson. Your community needs you to volunteer to be a part of the MUMC outreach ministries. Your church family needs you to volunteer to be a part of the welcoming and visitation teams. You need to step up and be a small group leader – Bible study, book club, men’s group, etc.

There is so much opportunity to be the church and to grow the church. Yet, the more responsibility that winds up in the pastor’s lap for such, the more he/she gets frustrated, burnt out, and things begin to fade away. Yes, I’m complaining and confessing!

So, don’t wait to be asked or invited! This is your church and therefore your opportunity and your responsibility. As we begin to plan for 2019, watch for the questionnaires and signup lists. But, don’t just wait – you know the needs! Be proactive – stand up and offer your service! And yes, even if you’re a snowbird, MUMC needs you – the few that stay behind can’t be expected to keep things going without your help.

Second, we have things in place to reopen the church nursery! Diane Bartlett worked hard with the SPRC to finalize our Safe Sanctuary Policy and Procedures. Ashley helped to find two youth to work in the nursery under adult supervision. And, Betsey Merkle has volunteered to coordinate those adults. Hurray! Please volunteer to help in the nursery!!

Third, I believe we have an opportunity in hand at MUMC. There have been at least 6 or 8 youth that have been in worship in 2018 who are in need of age-specific spiritual fellowship and growth. And, there are lots more in our community! We have an obligation to meet this need! I’m advocating putting funding in the 2019 budget for this ministry. If approved, Council and the SPRC will be looking for 3 or 4 people who will work to further define the need and on identifying ways to meet it … including, perhaps, searching for a new hire. Please keep this in prayer and let me know if you feel called to support the development and future of this ministry.

Fourth, how about getting outside the wall s ? ! I’m suggesting worshiping on October 14 at the Geneva Point Meeting House. It’s just down the Neck Road with easy parking and access. I hope this will be a good time for the two services to meet each other and to welcome visitors who might not otherwise come through church doors. I also hope you will dress to stay after service to for a light lunch and to join together to walk the easy access and beautiful trails through the woods and along the lake shore.

Finally, thank you! Thank you to everyone who has been working to make the love of God present and known in and through MUMC. There are so many of you! I won’t venture a list, because I know I’ll wind up leaving someone or some group out. Please, stop and know that you are appreciated – by me, by others in the church, in the community … and most importantly, by God. Thank you for your work within the church and your work outside the building walls. It really does take everybody … and I thank you all!!

Be blessed to be a blessing,
Pastor Bob
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