Hi all.
Happy summer!

I’d like to begin this month by saying, “Thank you.” Thank you for your incredible hearts. By the time you read this, Linda will have completed
her 12th chemo treatment. You have prayed, you have sent cards, you have given gifts, hugs, and made meals. Thank you… We have truly felt the presence of Christ through you. I feel so blessed to be a part of such a loving congregation.

Some have asked, “What next?” Well, Linda will have a CT scan to see if the liver tumor is receding. If it is, she’ll probably take a little break, because the adverse effects that go along with the good are catching up. The doctor will then advise what treatment regimen to resume. …
We covet your continuing prayers.

“What next?” is also a question for Moultonborough UMC. It’s been almost a year now; and I feel ready to start to talk about what’s next. In a recent sermon, I shared my vision of rallying around the simple message that God is love and for reintroducing the world to this God.

I am going to ask the Council to form an ad hoc group to meet with me as a focus group. My expectation is that this group will begin to identify a couple of top priorities and some initial steps for demonstrating this good news in our community. I imagine sharing the thoughts of this group with the Council and then having a church conference so all can weigh in and vote on what we actually do.

As I shared, my vision is to become the church that young people and their families want and need. I see us really focused on this objective, doing specific things to make the vision a reality … with hundreds coming from all around the Northern Lakes Region to become part of the works of grace happening here.

If you would like to be part of this ad hoc group, please let me, Bev Charest (council chair), or Sandra Ringelstein (lay leader) know.

And finally, some of you have begun to ask about the big concern before The United Methodist Church today. The concern centers around being in ministry and connection with LGBT persons. I will be sending out a separate letter on this subject and will soon offer opportunities for dialog on the subject. Please watch for this.

May your summer be joyous and safe. I intend to take time to just listen to the loons and watch them nurture their new chicks. I hope you might do the same.

Peace & Joy,
Pastor Bob
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