That time of year thou mayst in me behold When yellow leaves, or none, or few, do hang Upon those boughs which shake against the cold, Bare ruined choirs, where late the sweet birds sang.
An excerpt from Sonnet 73, William Shakespeare

Ah, indeed it’s autumn in New Hampshire again. The leaves are dropping and withering on the ground. Sad. And yet, it’s also nourishment for another spring to come --- the circle of life!

Though the leaves are coming down outside, there’s still lots of life within the church! Trunk or Treat is this Saturday; and we’ll gather for a wonderful time of fellowship and good food on November 14th. As you can see on the calendar, we’re also invited to gather for a Thanksgiving Service at the Center Harbor Congregational Church this year. And Advent and Christmas are both joyfully waiting in the wings! I pray that we will be one in prayer and presence in these great times of fun and celebration.

I want to also lift up our 2018 Charge Conference. It will be held on December 9 this year – during and following one service at 10 AM.

Charge Conference is a time to gather and reflect on the year closing, to celebrate the fruit that has come from all that the Spirit has done in and through us. It is also the time to approve and make commitments to plans for the new year coming. We will celebrate during worship on that Sunday and then proceed to the business of charge conference directly following the service.

Our District Superintendent, Rev. Taesung Kang, will preach on that morning. I pray you will all be present to welcome him and to hear his words of encouragement and support.

I end here with a note of thanks:
Before the leaves fall from the trees, they turn a vibrant orange, red, and yellow. How beautiful! Let us give

Likewise, in this month of November, let us stop to gaze upon and give thanks for all that has been done by each other throughout the year … the efforts of each of you to bring forth all the vibrant beauty that has been to the glory of God.

From those who make worship explode with color … to those who take that color out by visiting, delivering meals, or being listening ears and helping hands. From those who keep the building and all its infrastructure running … to those who draw us into the building for fellowship, Bible study, or a support group. From those who give financially and raise money for the church … to those who administer and lead in putting that money to work. And, from those who have been in constant prayer … to those who have been blessed by the power of those prayers. I’m especially thankful for a renewed emphasis on personal discipleship and our call to making disciples. …Let us take a moment to truly be in thanks … and to offer our thanks to God and one another.

Thank you all for all the vibrant colors that make me so thankful and blessed to be your pastor!

With the love of Christ,
Pastor Bob

P.S. Oh, and please note that there is still time to get your pledge in (time and financial) to help guide the planning for 2019!! Thank you for your faithfulness!!
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